The Nuit du Hack 2K15 will host many challenges, including:

More details and more challenges soon.

Defuse contest

8:00 PM

Zone 1

We all know that moment : There is a countdown system decreasing on a 7 digits board, wires everywhere, a swissknife in your hand and this ultimate question : blue wire or red wire ? We all saw this scene hundreds of time in multiple movies, asking eachothers how the hero guessed the answer : lucky bet or extreme thinking ? Is that so obvious to defuse a coundown system, … or not ? Especially if the bad guy is a twisted or a vicious one. However, with a good analysis, appropriate tools and deep thoughts, we should make it. Is that not the hacker definition afterall ?

This hacking challenge is a fake countdown system with the classical constraints : time limited challenge, low level tools (piece of wire, standard swissknife, and so on …). Your objective: defuse the countdown system asap !

Bug bounty

10:30 AM

Zone 1

You like hacking, chilling, coconuts and beer but you have no cash? In this case, Hackerzvoice has the answer, the Nuit du Hack Bug Bounty is waiting for you.

This year again, the Nuit du Hack opens its Bug Bounty.

The agenda will contain multiple scopes and bank checks will be delivered during the event. Come and test your skillz and win some Bounty © or even better, a bank check!

Rules are available here.

Capture The Flag By Sysdream

9:30PM - 6AM

Zone 4


Sysdream, as an historical partner of the Nuit du Hack and thanks to its experience, organizes the CTF of the Nuit du Hack. Like every year, it gathers the best teams from the qualification rounds of march.

The private CTF gathers the ten best teams of the qualification rounds. There will be be a total of 50 challengers :

The CTF will take place in a special room you can access freely, but quietly. The main goal is to inform the masses, while allowing the competitors to dive into the competition.

It will begin at 10pm and ends at 6am, so there whill be 8 hours of fierce struggle.

The concept

You may know Red Team vs Blue Team exercises? Please review your classics because here, you have to be both.

It's an Attack/Defense-like CTF, where each team have to both secure their services and compromise the other challengers.

A vulnerable infrastructure will be given to each team. So, if one team is able to understand how its own infrastructure work, it will be easier to exploit the others.

Participative CTF

During the whole CTF, the public can follow in real time the scoreboard with a dedicated dashboard, and new concept will be introduced this year.

Many surprise will come, especially for you...