NDHKids 2.0


NDH Kids 2.0: A day dedicated to the young people from 8 to 16 years-old who love to experiment, learn and seek for a great time through fun, and creative workshops.

Electronics, programming, tests of physical phenomenon and chemical reactions and experiments, will be entertained by renowned pedagogues in each of the fields proposed.

This free event will take place at Academie Fratellini while free meals and snacks will be provided to the young fellows.

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1-9 rue des Cheminots, 93210 Saint-Denis La Plaine

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Previous edition

The previous edition which took place last year in June 28, 2014 has gathered more than 35 participants in 5 workshops:


Get familiarize with the arc welding and by these curious and tiny electronics circuits to transform them into brighten and powerful dominos. Each domino transmits its power through light to its neighbor, so don’t be afraid to pull them together into complex strings and others mazes to create surprising and astonishing effects!

Speaker : Electrolab (Hackerspace and Fablab near Paris)


Open and discover the inside body of a computer and get learn from it! Let’s learn what a motherboard is for and as a ventirad and let us distinguish a graphics board from a sound card; solve the pieces of the puzzle and put together again the all pieces by yourself. Is the computer will be able to start again?

Speaker: iTeach (3 In'Tech Info students)


Do not let anymore anyone getting into your room without notice: complete your secret agent tools with an intrusion system detector! Learn how to encode with a Raspberry Pi and how to make use of an ultrasonic sensor; you will be then able to send an e-mail alert!

Speaker: Hussain Ahamed & Adrien Petillot (Startup MainTool)


You will not miss targets anymore when playing! You will learn how to boost the range of a Nerfgun by discovering and modifying its mechanisms. Each of your darts will reach a further target as never before! Each participant will have when leaving the booth his/her own Nerfgun; an NDH Kids’ present!

Speaker Damien Cauquil aka Virtualabs (R&D at Sysdream and Hacker-Bloger)


Please send an email to kids@nuitduhack.com with the following information. We will confirm the enrolment by email.

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Call for papers


The event will take place June 20th from 10 AM. to 6PM., you must arrive at least 1h30 before the beginning of your first workshop.

The workshops are presented several times so that every group of children can participate.

The workshops are planned for groups ranging from 10 to 12 kids of 8 to 16 year old, and must last around 1h.

From last year experience, we could notice that the theoretical explanations and too complex workshops needed to be simplified for this year and limited to the essentials.

For that reason, abstract explanations must be limited and must be inserted into practical workshops to keep the audience focused on the explanations; to entertain an 8 year-old child with a limited concentrate capacity is a difficult matter.

Workshops must be fun and need to be for that reason organized in a form of a story with games, including interaction with children and the production of an object.

We will explain every sectors of the hack: understanding/experimenting, modifying/playing, creating/modeling. Here are the themes:

Respond to the CFP

To respond to the CFP, please send us an email to kids@nuitduhack.com with the following information :

You must be available June 20th 2015 from 9:30 AM. to 6:30 PM., you are organizing this workshop as a volunteer.